DITRAMA - Digital Transformation Manager: leading companies in Furniture value chain to implement their digital transformation strategy



DITRAMA aims to train the «Digital Transformation Manager» of furniture manufacturing companies. This person will be responsible for leading in an integrated way the digital transformation of all company departments. This position requires technical and managerial skills, as well as knowledge of the sector.

In DITRAMA, we will identify the skills and competences needed by the «Digital Transformation Manager». We will design a Curriculum for this occupational profile, a complete training course will be delivered (in 7 languages) and these training materials will be integrated in an open e-learning platform. The course will be validated through a pilot course with 100 students.


Implementation period: 01/01/2019 – 31/12/2021

Funding: Erasmus+ Programme - Sector Skills Alliances - Ref. 601011-EPP-1-2018-1-ES-EPPKA2-SSA

Websites: https://www.ditrama.eu


EASIMS - innovativE trAining Solution for implementing Integrated Management Systems (IMS) in SME



EASIMS aims to develop innovative training tools for the "IMS' Manager" (IMS - Integrated Management System of Quality, Environment and Safety) of companies that manufacture furniture and other products of the habitat. The project will develop a training itinerary (Curriculum) for the person in charge of the IMS, the training contents in the management of the processes available online in five languages and a software tool to facilitate the design and implementation of the IMS in the company.


Execution period: 01/03/2017 - 28/02/2019

Funding: Spanish agency SEPIE (Spanish Service for the Internationalization of Education) through the
Erasmus+ program. Ref. 2018-1-ES01-KA202-050334

Websites: easims.erasmus.site